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Colette's Cafe in Maryland

Colette's Cafe is a black-owned cafe in Greenbelt, Maryland.

 We cook homemade food that is worth coming back for!

We're open from 7:30am - 3pm

Stop by for breakfast and lunch or book catering online now.

Only using all natural


Customer Reviews

Their Chili ($3.99). DELICIOUS!! The ingredients blended well together, a mild hearty chili.

Their Sausage, Egg, n Cheese Croissant ($4.50). DELICIOUS!! Buttery, soft, simply a good breakfast sandwich!!


We missed breakfast but the woman was kind enough to make my partner and I coffee. We had a spicy chicken sandwich and a BLT and they were both excellent. Staff was extremely friendly. Would recommend!


A perfect place for breakfast Their sandwiches are so delicious and It has a welcoming atmosphere.


Very professional, friendly, outstanding customer service and food always prepared on time!

Suzanne Levis

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6411 Ivy Lane Suite 114

Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

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